The roads and trails of southern Ardèche: between the Rhône Valley and Mountain ardéchoise you can discover a diversity of landscapes: vineyards, forests …

You can go mountain biking or hiking on the many trails between the Coiron tray and the forest of Barres.

A new way has been created in St Lager, allowing walking, biking, roller … 4 km of paved road, taking the old railway.

The golf of Valdaine is 25km of Moulinage and an equestrian center is close to the house (3km).

The Ardèche is also famous for trout fishing.

Many exceptional sites:

–>LIEN: the “gorges de l’Ardèche”

–>LIEN: Waterfalls of Ray-pic

–>LIEN: Sources of the Loire

–>LIEN: Devil’s Bridge in Thueyts

–>LIEN: Road on rocs in ruoms

Castles and Monuments

–>LIEN: The Drôme castles

–>LIEN: Castle Cruas

–>LIEN: Castle of Alba la Romaine

–>LIEN: Castle of Voguë

–>LIEN: Abbey of Cruas

Caves and prehistoric sites

–>LIEN: Cave of Madeleine

–>LIEN: Aven of Orgnac

–>LIEN: Museum: cave of Chauvet

–>LIEN: Prehistoric site of Soyons

–>LIEN: Grotte de St Marcel

animal parks

–>LIEN: Safari of Peaugres

–>LIEN: Crocodiles Pierrelate

–>LIEN: Garden birds Upie

Museums and discovery

–>LIEN: Ideal Palace of Cheval

–>LIEN: Shoe Museum Romans

–>LIEN: palace of candy and nougat

–>LIEN: Ardelaine: from sheep to wool

–>LIEN: Lavender MuseumSt Remèze

–>LIEN: mill of Mandy

–>LIEN: thumbnails Ardèche

–>LIEN: Spinning of Moulinet

–>LIEN: vinimage

–>LIEN: Museum of Alphonse Daudet

Products and specialties from our region

–>LIEN: Chestnut speard of Ardèche

–>LIEN: Bourganel: Ardeche’s beers

–>LIEN: Nougat of Montélimar

–>LIEN: Eyguebelle: syrups and liquors

Villages of characterArdèche

St Vincent de Barrès


Alba la Romaine


Saint Montan

Liste des villages de caractères en Ardèche: learn more